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Vacation in Arkansas , 26 August 2006

I am back from my two weeks of training in Arkansas. It was valuable, but I am somewhat overwhelmed by all the expectations. There are three presentations I have to make this week on some new policies and procedures, and I have to do Open Enrollment training for the managers so they can help their employees sign up for benefits. So I shall be very busy this week.

Terry came down for the weekend in between. We rented a car and went to Toad Suck and got T-shirts to prove to everyone that such a place does exist. We went to Pickles Gap; Eureka Springs, and to Branson Missouri which really wasn't far from Bentonville where we were for training.. At these places we went to a Big Cats refuge; a Wings of the Wild place with lots of birds; a butterfly place with lots of butterfllies flying around us. We had dinner one evening at the Hungry Flea, which is a restaurant in the middle of a flea market--flea market goods on shelves around the edges of the informal dining area and in other rooms. Hope some of the pictures turn out.

Love, P

I love this picture. I'll pick out a few more to send..
Abysinnian Ground Hornbill. What a character he is! He liked to play with his swimming pool, stuffed animals, and tire swing. .
It was fun to feed them and wear them!.
A little bit closer picture of Henry..
He also liked to shake hands!.
Two guys bought this house and turned it into a hair salon..
Here is the front entrance..
You thought we were kidding?.

Natural bridge..
Pretty little things..
Interesting history..
I love the effect I got with this shot!.
Another favorite.
A little guy. .
Interesting rock formations..
Restaurant and flea market..
A young tiger that liked to play with his big ball.
Pretty color. .
More color.
Big white.
colors like a tiger. .
Reminds me of Indy.
Don't know how he kept from being dinner.
Big teeth. .
Not just cats..
I never saw a white peacock before.

We went to see the birds of prey exhibit at Great Valley Nature Center, near Valley Forge, where they had four rescued birds--screech owl, barn owl, small ear owl, and peregrine falcon.
I had no idea the screech owl was so tiny! and so cute!!
Big eyes on such a little bird.
Isn't he adorable!
This is the small ear owl..
The peregrine falcon is a real beauty.
The barn own has a fascinating heart-shaped face.